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It is necessary that we all know the differences between the many styles of design eras, furniture and houses, but do we also think about descriptions of interior styles in a more thematic way? For instance: Glamorous, Well Traveled, Sexy, Industrial, Botanical, Curated, Into the Wild, Lodge Luxe are all decorating schemes we’ve seen in marketing for stores, products and magazines. These concepts are actually a popular way magazines that we refer to as “shelter magazines” sell us on trends. Without trends we would be left to stagnate in the mire of styling our homes like our mothers (sometimes great – sometimes not so much). Would we be stuck in the 1950’s, or perhaps pre revival movements of the 1800’s?

woman with duster

Trends move our gross national product by golly!  They also are a part of precipitating the development of new technology. Just look at how the trend over the past ten years started with a revived interest in clean contemporary décor highlighted with all white rooms and furnishings.

white living room

It pushed at us with a general uneasiness of living in heavily accessorized rooms ensconced with swags and jabots in deep burgundy, forest green and navy. Earth tones took a hit  but the coldness of white also gave way to gray tones. Grays are a natural base for the brighter, more vivid colors. So ten years later we are living with a love for orange, aqua, indigos and acid greens.

What’s next?   That’s yet to be seen. As much as we look into the crystal ball of the future, we also see elements of the past creeping in and fortifying various interior design themes.


Some that have recently enjoyed popularity: mercury glass, bare lightbulb fixtures, primitive farm furniture, vintage art prints, Chinoiserie (never goes out of style), mirrored furniture. They may seem new as their latest versions emerge, but they arrive with an older prototype on which they are based. We can be thankful to them all. Why? Because as individual as we are, we each gravitate to a style of our own and are drawn to some elements more than others. It’s a basis of what we can enthusiastically throw our design energy into and use to show our own true colors and help brand our design style!


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