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It’s the first of the year – yeah!?  February rather slips in after January… after all the hoopla we get wrapped into.  January… we deal with cleaning up from the holidays, feel guilty as we know we spent too much and gained too much weight and know resolutions don’t work.  February we are trying valiantly to refocus and get our head in the game.  But all that refocusing can dampen our core, our vibrancy – our creativity!

Our creativity sparks our life- lights it up, feeds our soul.  It could be said it is an entity unto itself that lives within us.  Creativity can’t be contained in a jar or in one direction.  Most creatives need exposure to multiple outlets to hone their best work. They often have a varied career switching fields of endeavor.  February is given to us as a month to slow down (not hunker down) and refresh our creative soul.  

Our schedules, family members, commitments, jobs and the other months of the year place demands on us.  We are driven to share our time and the parts of ourselves that are attached to each demand.  But the creative in us demands solitude and time to find the self again in order to self-express.  We need to clarify our thoughts, perceptions and boundaries and precipitate change.  Change can  be disruptive, but without clarification we can’t find our true selves and find the strength to put a plan into action and actually change.  You can’t have self expression without an authentic self.  Claim some alone time.  Communicate with yourself.  Work out your thoughts on paper.  Above all don’t keep compromising and stuffing frustrations and anger back into your soul.  They are signs that point to where change is necessary and  what action is required.

A few things to put into play in February:                                                                                                            Write down the things in your life that anger you vs. what is your own negativity, fear and sloth.  Write down your fears.  Write down your shame.  Write down past words, situations or events that keep you from revealing your true self and talents to the world.  Free yourself.

Make unbreakable appointments to go somewhere each week -and this is important – BY YOURSELF to anywhere that feeds creativity.  It’s a commitment you can’t break.  Find a  play, a museum, compare art galleries, cooking demonstrations,  a ceramic studio, or any other studio where you can absorb the essence other artists give off of their own creativity.

Look for the love in your life (and not just on the 14th)  and reward it.  It will set up a nourishing loop in your soul.  If you have forgotten what love is read I Corinthians 13 and meditate on it.  Write it down.

Clear your environment. Cobwebs aren’t just in the corners of a room.  They are in our brains and block the path to a better way to action.  Toss out the physical clutter clouding your vision.  Donate it.  Let it clutter up someone else’s life.  And while you are tossing, toss out the stifling restrictions of trying to lead a perfect life and live in a perfect environment.  That is loop thinking.  Creativity doesn’t live in a loop.  It has to have overall vision, not tunnel vision always zeroing in on what is out of place.  Consider the dichotomy between these terms:  perfectionism, illusion; possibility, safe;  jealousy, fear; humility, ego;. Hmm… What are you hiding from yourself?

Last, tap into universal creativity.  What awakens your soul and gives you a burst of joy, endorphins and a natural high.  These may just be bursts of the universe reaching out and touching you, but revel in them and feel joy.  That’s what glorious sunsets, god clouds and sun dogs are about – you know those billowy clouds with the sun behind them and rays stretching out all around – or the clouds with a rainbow on a tip.  Yes they exist.)  Babies laughing, snowflakes sparkling in the sunlight, branches glowing with ice, the warm tingling excitement sluicing through your core at the touch of a special cherished lover.  Creativity lives in all those moments.  Honor it and celebrate this month in a new way.

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