Competition in Interior Design


We are in a very competitive occupation- not that others aren’t… But, when a client hires us, one of the first things they want to know – and may not even ask – is what sets us apart from any other designer.

Many of us are hesitant to laud our own praises.  Early on in life, we may have been directed not to brag.  Or, (hopefully not) we may have been bullied and been put down when we spoke up. Some of us seek out the attention of being on center stage, but the majority of us don’t.

An elevator speech requires giving ourselves a vote of confidence. It is a prime moment to hold our head high, look another in the eye and with a great smile, introduce ourselves.  A well thought out “elevator speech” – is an opportunity.  The moment needs the right timing and should be at a time when you are in business mode or the opportunity to seek out new business is right in front of you.  However, the concept, wording, expressions should be planned in advance just as any other factor in your business.  It is an introduction that you may have an opportunity to use at a luncheon, cocktail party or an initial consultation with a new client. It’s not so much an “all about me” speech as it is giving someone else accurate information about who you are, what you do and the best things you like about it.

Do you feel like you are a wizard of creativity or the best problem solver anyone has ever met? Perhaps you are a genius color whisperer or you know how to ferret out the best sources. Let people know what a resource they have standing before them.   Don’t get into great detail or go on and on with verbal examples.  Just show your down to earth, positive self.  And then, realistically, redirect back to the “all about them” part of the conversation. Because the real key to getting another person’s attention is giving them yours.


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