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Word of the Year: Clear

Is your desk clear, your home clear, your path clear, your head…Well you can see how interconnected being clear is in our lives. Mine should be clear but so often it is just not. I am organized at heart. Everything has a file folder with a laminated label. I have tools for EVERYTHING and they may have migrated at times, but I generally can find them. My office has built-in bookcases and a window seat with storage and under cabinets with storage. I have no excuse to not be spot on in the organization department.

My downfall is I work in piles. I don’t mean to – it just happens. Then the piles get overlaid with other piles (in folders of course). That makes it hard to find a notepad to make a quick note. The notes get stuck to the top or underside of a folder. Because the notes are quickly written I often forget to note what the note is in relation or reference to. The piles can’t be cleared because I might “need” them or because it will take time away from what I’m doing to put them away (and I might lose track of why they were there in the first place – do I really remember why?)

  • Time for a reset – right?  And that starts in my brain.  I really do want to come into my office and get right down to the business at hand and not clear the runway first.  I am constantly researching for books I am writing and this blog.  I need to separate the references and I actually have labeled folders within reach for each project.  So why don’t I use them?  I need rules and rewards. 
  • Rule # 1.  Don’t leave a pile when you finish working. 
  • Rule #2  have a list of rewards to choose from for being a good girl and obeying Rule#1.
  • Rule #3.  Make a calendar to accomplish chunks of work and help yourself to another reward – after you put the day’s work away. 
  • Rule #4. Make those sticky notes but put them on the inside cover of the appropriate folder – only if they are referenced. 
  • Rule #5.  Don’t allow coupons and mail to enter the desk workspace.  Put bills immediately in bill folder and coupons in a coupon folder elsewhere.
  • Rule #6.  Be consistent with using only one size notepad for note taking which are kept at hand in the appropriate folder (small notepads and loose-leaf sheets are making my head hurt with clutter). 
  • Rule #7. You can’t eat at the desk.  You may only have a water glass or a cup of coffee.  It’s too messy and distracting. 
  • Print this list.  Read it every day.  Imprint it on your brain.  Mark the calendar with a fun, pretty sticker as you accomplish goals.  Help yourself to another reward.  You go, girl! 

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