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    Organic Fabrics Sources Often Hidden from Interior Designers


    We have been inundated by a multitude of industries dumping chemical additives into our food, into our building products, into fabrics for clothing and into the furniture and fabrics used on them.  At this point in history, we are so saturated with chemicals in our environment can we deny the connection to seeing more and more people with allergies, auto-immune disease, weight problems and fatigue.  Can we do anything about it?  Can we cut back and protect ourselves?

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    Avoiding Toxins in Interior Design

    Are you excited at the end of the day to climb in your car and head home to your safe comfortable happy place you call home?  Of course, you should be.  You’ve decorated it to reflect your color preferences, your style and your comfort levels.  But did you design it for your health?

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    Restoring Creativity


    It’s the first of the year – yeah!?  February rather slips in after January… after all the hoopla we get wrapped into.  January… we deal with cleaning up from the holidays, feel guilty as we know we spent too much and gained too much weight and know resolutions don’t work.  February we are trying valiantly to refocus and get our head in the game.  But all that refocusing can dampen our core, our vibrancy – our creativity!

    Our creativity sparks our life- lights it up, feeds our soul.  It could be said it is an entity unto itself that lives within us.  Creativity can’t be contained in a jar or in one direction.  Most creatives need exposure to multiple outlets to hone their best work. They often have a varied career switching fields of endeavor.  February is given to us as a month to slow down (not hunker down) and refresh our creative soul.  

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    When is Enough Enough?

    Beware -I feel a rant coming on…


    My husband and I were having a discussion over morning coffee time today.  We started discussing the economy and technology.  He is the fourth generation in a line of engineers.  Although he loves designing ways to make things work better, whether it be carpentry, electrical or managing a business, he can’t see technology for technology’s sake.  I have to admit there is a fine line between technological innovations that better people’s lives and those that just give a false impression that because it’s new it must be a better way to go.  The philosophy that if it is moving the economy toward new heights we must be growing and growing is essential – right?  Which brings us back to the economy.

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    Plumbing -How Outside Design Impacts Your Interior


    A relative’s recent experience with the twenty year old home she just moved into taught us a few facts worth sharing.  Water started appearing in her home along one side of her home.  Her floors are large marble tiles as she lives in Florida where they are common.  When water started seeping up in between the tiles when stepped on, she went on high alert and got a plumber in pronto.  After probing for a good long while, he found water standing under the house.  This eliminated the sprinkler system surrounding the exterior or a completely broken pipe that would have gushed.  A slow leaking hot water pipe was discovered behind the drywall in the office.  Once capped off, it stopped the leak but further work will have to find the other end of the pipe to finalize the repair and make sure there are no other contributing spots.