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    Word of the Year: Clear

    Is your desk clear, your home clear, your path clear, your head…Well you can see how interconnected being clear is in our lives. Mine should be clear but so often it is just not. I am organized at heart. Everything has a file folder with a laminated label. I have tools for EVERYTHING and they may have migrated at times, but I generally can find them. My office has built-in bookcases and a window seat with storage and under cabinets with storage. I have no excuse to not be spot on in the organization department.

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    Plumbing -How Outside Design Impacts Your Interior


    A relative’s recent experience with the twenty year old home she just moved into taught us a few facts worth sharing.  Water started appearing in her home along one side of her home.  Her floors are large marble tiles as she lives in Florida where they are common.  When water started seeping up in between the tiles when stepped on, she went on high alert and got a plumber in pronto.  After probing for a good long while, he found water standing under the house.  This eliminated the sprinkler system surrounding the exterior or a completely broken pipe that would have gushed.  A slow leaking hot water pipe was discovered behind the drywall in the office.  Once capped off, it stopped the leak but further work will have to find the other end of the pipe to finalize the repair and make sure there are no other contributing spots.

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    Vinyl Plank Flooring Update


    We are in the process of updating our 20 year old home to get it ready to go on the market.  The effect of four dogs at various times and many kids traipsing in and out in earlier years hit our happy home full force.  Flooring was the hardest hit.  When we bought our house in 1996, pickled oak was a leading trend.  We paired the oak flooring with a green/aqua carpet that I thought made it look a little Scandinavian.  I grew to hate the carpet – but not enough to replace it until now.