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    Paying Attention to Your Sensory Landscape



    I’ve been following the blog by Ingrid Fetell Lee for awhile now: The Aesthetics of Joy. .http://www.aestheticsofjoy.com

    As a designer, she has mind provoking thoughts on the power of bringing joy into our worlds and thereby upgrading our lives.  Ms. Fetell published her book Joyful last year in September about how to find that joy in so many ways while changing our perceptions and perspective.http://www.aestheticsofjoy.com/the-book/.

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    Often we look at the outer shells of our spaces as places to just arrive into and escape the outside world for awhile. We stash our stuff, eat , sleep and do all the mundane utilitarian things we are bound to do. We can of course condense our life down to a TV, refrigerator, bathroom and bed. Simplifying our lives does have merit. But I believe most of us have an innate desire to enrich our environments with design elements that make us feel unique, that tell a story about who we are up to now and who we strive to be.



    Design elements work by engaging our senses of color, texture, sounds, smells. They can be subtle inferences or they can loudly announce our stand in this world. The entry in our home makes the first indication of what we are about.

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    What’s Your Style?


    It is necessary that we all know the differences between the many styles of design eras, furniture and houses, but do we also think about descriptions of interior styles in a more thematic way? For instance: Glamorous, Well Traveled, Sexy, Industrial, Botanical, Curated, Into the Wild, Lodge Luxe are all decorating schemes we’ve seen in marketing for stores, products and magazines. 

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    Are You a Victim of Constancy?


    On a daily basis, we don’t give our brains the respect they deserve.  Just take a look at your computer history for the day, let alone the week.  We have asked our brain to go to a zillion sites, read our never ending e-mail, sort and recall.  That alone is commendable!  But do we appreciate that in order to not overwhelm this vital organ, it has devised myriad  programs over time to short cut what our five senses come dragging home continually?

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    girls with binoculars

    ~~How do we learn to see

    We arrive at the world of design because we somehow have proven to ourselves we have a better process of visualizing spaces than the average person on the street. We delight in the properties of color, shape, placement, texture etc etc. But, knowing we have an innate ability, training that ability can involve a lifetime of learning to see in a new and encompassing way in which we can hone our talents.

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    Can You Get Green From Orange?


    Color is an intrinsic part of our life.  The only time we aren’t involved with color is when we are in the dark with all lights out.  But then our dreams kick in and – Bam! There we are dreaming in color.  But color is mysterious too.  We are taught as kids that red and blue make purple, yellow and green make yellow/green, blue and yellow make green.  All nice in theory, but sometimes it just isn’t true.