• Color Study,  History

    The Intoxicating, Provocative World of Color

    One might say our world was birthed in color, saturated with it, embellished by it.  It’s part of the DNA of the planet arriving to us by frequencies.  Color excites, or it calms.  It stimulates our appetite and warms our mood.  We have sought just the right color by crushing insects and mollusks to produce crimson and purple.  Green plants have revealed their secret of the perfect blue after being fermented through stages of yellow, then green,  then blue into deep sensuous indigo.  Precious lapis lazuli stones carried thousands of miles have arrived at their destination to be crushed into pigment and painted onto canvas.

    Egyptian mummies of dead people and cats came under the alchemists crushing tools to formulate a perfect brown.  On and on the quest for the perfect color was been pursued to simulate what was already seen around us.  Humans apparently were not disposed to simply enjoy looking at their environments and enjoying the sights.  No, they wanted to be the creators and capture the beauty with their own hands.

  • History

    The Evolution of Interior Design


    We are in an era that is currently enjoying the fruits of hundreds of years of contributions in all the various elements of interior design.  It wasn’t even an individual practice until the early 1900’s, although it functioned as a necessity under the fields of architecture, construction and landscaping.

  • History,  Tangible Intangibles

    What’s Your Style?


    It is necessary that we all know the differences between the many styles of design eras, furniture and houses, but do we also think about descriptions of interior styles in a more thematic way? For instance: Glamorous, Well Traveled, Sexy, Industrial, Botanical, Curated, Into the Wild, Lodge Luxe are all decorating schemes we’ve seen in marketing for stores, products and magazines.