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    Welcome to Interior Designers Blackbook


    …things you may not have learned, skipped that class, forgot to read, didn’t want to overburden your memory bank or didn’t want to appear stupid for asking…


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    This blog is the first of what I intend to be an open-ended development of a great resource of information for anyone interested in the field of interior design and especially for those in the business or with plans of starting one.


    The subject is vast and always interesting. Interior design is a subject that affects all of us in one way or the other. How and where we live, work, play and interact is strongly influenced by our surroundings. The way an interior is arranged, painted, furnished, organized and accessorized influences our thoughts, moods, and energy. Whether we will buy a shop’s goods, eat in a restaurant or look forward to going home at night can be attributed by the subtleties of interior design.

    Stay tuned as I develop this blog into a website that will give the budding designer (or a seasoned one) products, services and insights that can help to better organize, stay creative, discover resources and stay on top of this ever changing field.

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    The blog is designed with categories to not be just random thoughts but layers of information that build on the subject under which it is listed.

    I hope you will join me in this journey as we expand our understanding together and enjoy the interest we share in this creative niche of the world.~~


  • Color Study,  Tangible Intangibles

    Can You Get Green From Orange?


    Color is an intrinsic part of our life.  The only time we aren’t involved with color is when we are in the dark with all lights out.  But then our dreams kick in and – Bam! There we are dreaming in color.  But color is mysterious too.  We are taught as kids that red and blue make purple, yellow and green make yellow/green, blue and yellow make green.  All nice in theory, but sometimes it just isn’t true.